Vessel maintenance
Technical maintenance, provision of spare and interchangeable parts, lubricants and expendable materials necessary for technical maintenance and repair(TM&R);

Our team has necessary experience and knowledge to smoothly arrange and maintain operational readiness of our contracted vessels to not only function properly at sea, but to also be prepared for next voyages.
Planning, accounting and analyzing of vessels technical maintenance costs.Compilation of repair lists;Tender arranging to select the shipyards and providers of spare and interchangeable parts;

Having extensive network of specialized staff and local contacts in our ports of choice, we know how to prepare and present our clients with appropriate options for a full-scale vessel repairs with speed and precision.

Our office performs all accounting, legal and administrative services in order to facilitate all the necessary operations with the vesse,including bunkering operations.At your request, our managers will provide a complete plan for the bunkering operations of the vessel during its voyage.

We carefully control all the expenditures in order to minimize unnecessary loses,during vessels voyage preparations .

In today`s marketplace, we pride ourselves on our approach, focusing on balancing high quality standards and economic efficiency

Organization and conduction of vessels repairs including technical supervision

Work ethic is important part of our business culture. That is why we try to select only most responsible and professional providers of repair services among those who are available. Our aim is to ensure quality service in necessary time-frame.
Inspection of the technical condition of vessel

Attention to details and qualifications - key features in preparation of proper inspection. We ensure that our Clients have full grasp of technical state of the vessel. We employing only top available professionals, we strive to provide comprehensive, and realistic picture of current condition and necessary repairs.
WINOT OU provides Crewing services for all vessels under its management. From recruitment to management, we control the process from the moment the vacancy appears to the moment the Seafarer is repatriated after the Contract is concluded in accordance with all the relevant MLC requirements.
WINOT OU is proud of its Crew Management track record and being a conscientious and fair Employer
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